Perfect clean True ND filters in 3 steps

True ND filter surface True ND filters from Mitomo offer you the best possible filtered image in this digital cinema camera era, where Neutral Density filters are essential. To maintain their optimal optical performance, the glass surfaces should always be clean. Unlike other filters that make use of a lamination technique between two panes of.. read more →

Best CFast 2.0 reader for on set data management

Introduction Most popular high-end digital cinema cameras record their data to CFast 2.0 cards nowadays. Small, high performance recording media advertising with impressive read transfer speeds. How can you benefit the most from these given read speeds? The actual performance varies a lot due different factors. Does your card reader choice influence your transfer speed? We were.. read more →

Netherlands Film Fund Unveils 30 Percent Rebate Scheme

The new Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme, starting 16 May 2014, is based on a system of cash rebate. It is aimed at promoting a healthy film production environment in the Netherlands and is designed to reinforce the international competive position of the Dutch film industry as a whole. The financial contributions are intended to.. read more →

06 Jun 2014
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Our New Website is Online!

To all our friends and colleagues, today we would like to present to you our new Camera Rentals website. With this new design we showcase our succinct yet state of the art rental catalogue, keeping you informed about trends and new technologies in our ever evolving industry. Stay in touch with us, also via our.. read more →

12 Nov 2013
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