Zeiss Variable Primes

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The ARRI / Zeiss Variable VP1 16-30/T2.2, VP2 29-60/T2.2 and VP3 55-105/T2.2 offer a complete lens system with just three high-speed lenses. Time-consuming lens changes are no longer necessary, if you want to go a little wider or closer it’s just a move of a finger. Created in conjuction with Carl Zeiss: Variable Primes offer excellent quality in sharpness, contrast, free from distortion and vignetting.

Focal LengthApertureClose FocusDiameterWeight
16-30mmT2.2 - 220.60m150mm4.4kg
29-60mmT2.2 - 220.80m150mm6.5kg
55-105mmT2.2 - 22 0.80m150mm5.6kg
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