Zeiss Supreme Prime Lenses

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Zeiss Supreme Primes

The Zeiss Supreme Prime Lenses are compact, lightweight cine lenses made to cover large format sensors up to an image circle of 46.2mm. Of course they are also very suitable for all current camera systems. Most lenses feature a fast T-Stop of T1.5, which makes them also ideal for low-light cinematography.

eXtended Data

The unique ZEISS eXtended Data technology offers lens metadata critical for VFX-intensive productions and workflows on set. The frame accurate information about focal length, focusing distance, T-stop and depth-of-field enables the camera assistant to work more precisely and eliminates guesswork for the DIT. The ZEISS specific distortion and vignetting data makes shooting grids redundant and accelerates compositing and stitching in post-production.

Learn more about the ZEISS eXtended Data Technology

Demo Footage

technical specs
Focal LengthApertureClose FocusFront DiameterWeight
T1.5 -T220.35m95mm1.5kg
25mmT1.5 -T220.26m95mm1.42kg
29mmT1.5 -T220.33m95mm1.61kg
35mmT1.5 -T220.32m95mm1.40kg
50mmT1.5 -T220.45m95mm1.22kg
85mmT1.5 -T220.84m95mm1.42kg
100mmT1.5 -T221.1m95mm1.7kg

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