Zeiss Super Speeds

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Die Superlichtstarken

Meet our wide range of various second and third generation T1.3 Zeiss Super High Speed lenses. These populair lenses better known as Zeiss Super Speeds are optical all the same by design. They have a uniform maximum relative apeture of f1,2 and a T value of 1,3. All lenses come with a 7 blade-iris, with exception of the later introduced 65mm which has 6 blades.

The differences appear in the mechanical construction. Herewith a brief chronology of the mechanical changes:

MK-II (1983)

  • uniform T1.3 maximum aperture
  • 7 blade-iris
  • factory integrated focus gears with a 0,8 module pitch
  • 180-degree focus scale travel
  • metric focus scale on one side of the lens and a imperial scale on the opposite side

MK-II  (1988)

  • extended 350-degree focus scale travel
  • both metric and imperial focus scale readings on one side of the lens

MK-II (19**)

  • Now also integrated iris gears with a 0,8 module pitch
  • Introduction of the 65mm focal length
  • were in appearance MK-III upgradable

MK-III (1995)

  • Metric or imperial focus scale (no dual-standard)
  • focus scale reading on both sides of the lens
  • improved focus marks orientation

Technical Data

Focal LengthApertureClose FocusFront DiameterWeight
18mmT1.3 - T160.25m80mm1.19kg
25mmT1.3 - T160.25m80mm0.83kg
35mmT1.3 - T160.35m80mm0.72kg
50mmT1.3 - T160.70m80mm0.70kg
65mmT1.3 - T160.70m80mm0.97kg
85mmT1.3 - T160.90m80mm0.98kg
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