Zeiss Standard Primes

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Focal LengthApertureClose FocusDiameterWeight
12mmT2.1 to T220.25m135mm1.13kg
14mmT2 to T220.23m114mm1.52kg
16mmT2.1 to T220.25m80mm0.59kg
20mmT2.1 to T220.20m80mm0.67kg
24mmT2.1 to T220.35m80mm0.52kg
28mmT2.1 to T220.28m80mm1.05kg
32mmT2.1 to T220.60m80mm0.40kg
40mmT2.1 to T220.40m80mm0.42kg
50mmT2.1 to T220.45m80mm0.48kg
85mmT2.1 to T220.90m80mm0.66kg
100mmT2.1 to T221.00m80mm0.79kg
135mmT2.1 to T221.50m80mm0.99kg
180mmT3 to T321.50m80mm1.09kg
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