Scubacam Alexa Mini Splash Bag

Scubacam Alexa Mini Splash Bag

The Scubacam Alexa Mini Splash Bag is the industry standard for wet housing. Ideal for above or just below the water surface camerawork, no deeper than 2 meters. Designed with the Alexa Mini in mind is this housing also able to accommodate digital cinema camera’s from other manufacturers such as RED and Sony.

The housing is manufactured from an anodized aluminum framework that supports a black polyurethane housing. The clear PVC window allows the user to view camera controls and displays. The camera is inserted into the housing through a military specification drysuit zipper and is rendered waterproof by closing the zip. The operator can start/stop the camera via an external (righthanded) pistol grip.

Monitoring is done via a 5″ HD resolution monitor in an external housing. HD-SDI surface feed is possible via a coax cable up to 20 meters.

Marine filming is a not to be underestimated specialism, contact us to get you in touch with experienced Dutch underwater film crew.

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