Optica Elite S7 Anamorphics

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The Optica Elite S7 Anamorphics are relative compact two-times squeezed anamorphic prime lenses. Modern optics and mechanics for filmmakers who love the ‘classic’ anamorphic look. More details about these brand new lenses will follow soon.

The S7 Series include a 40mm*, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 135mm with widest apertures ranging from T1.9 to T2.8 and a close focus distance of 1 meter for the whole lens series. Compact in design and relative lightweight, which makes them also suitable for handheld and Steadicam® applications.

* We expect the 40mm in the first quarter of 2018.

technical specs
Focal LengthApertureClose FocusFront DiameterWeight
50mmT1.9 - T221.0m110mm2.9kg
75mmT1.9 - T221.0m110mm3.1kg
100mmT2.3 - T221.0m110mm3.2kg
135mmT2.8 - T221.0m110mm3.6kg

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