The IDX Cam~Wave CW-5HD is a wireless transmission device which transmits (525i, 625i SD and 1080i, 720p & 1080p HD) SDI video and SDI audio with 5GHz band radio frequencies. CW-5HD TX is the transmitter, and connects directly with the ARRI Alexa via the 26V V-Lock battery holder on the back of the camera. CW-5HD RX is the receiver, and connects to a monitor or VTR-solution. Video and audio from the video source can be seen and listened to from a distance without cable connections. Where a direct line-to-view between CW-5HD TX and RX, the signals can be transmitted up to 50 meter (with the transmit output power in HIGH mode).

Our rental package includes:

  • CW-5HD Cam~Wave SD/HD-SDI Transmitter
  • CW-5HD Cam~Wave SD/HD-SDI Receiver
  • Power Supply RX
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