EelCon – Variable Contrast System

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The EelCon is a lightweight and compact variable contrast sytem which slides into the dual filter stage of an ARRI Lightweight Matte Box LMB-5, 15 and 25 or a Bright Tangerine Misfit.

Increase the shadow detail of your image without noise penalty, plus the possibility to add color to the shadow areas of the image without affecting the highlights.

The system consists the following:
• The EelCon illuminated filter holder
• 1st 4×5,65” filter holder reserved for the illuminated filter of your choice (ask for the possibilities)
• 2nd 4×5,65” filter holder for an additional regular filter
• RGB White Tungsten LED Controller box
• EelCon Controller box connection cable
• 12V D-Tap power cable for the EelCon system

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