Cooke S4’s

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Cooke S4 optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture. The motion picture lens focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability.


Focal LengthApertureClose FocusDiameterWeight
14mmT2 to T2225cm110mm2.20kg
16mmT2 to T2222.5cm110mm2.45kg
18mmT2 to T2225cm110mm1.75kg
21mmT2 to T2225cm110mm2.0kg
25mmT2 to T2225cm110mm1.85kg
32mmT2 to T2232.5cm110mm1.90kg
40mmT2 to T2245cm110mm2.00kg
50mmT2 to T2255cm110mm1.50kg
75mmT2 to T2280cm110mm1.75kg
100mmT2 to T2295cm110mm2.00kg
135mmT2 to T2285cm110mm2.25kg
180mmT2 to T22130cm136mm4.30kg
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