ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme

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The ARRIFLEX 435 family was for long time the workhorse for the film industry, which still offers a range of in-camera effects that aren’t possible on any digital cinema camera on the market. Effects like in-camera speed ramps, depth of field ramps, time shift ramps or hand cranking still make the ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme the most versatile MOS camera ever built. Ideal for commercials or music video’s.

ARRI Time Shift Box

The Time Shifting Box is 435 Xtreme compatible accessory that alters the phase relationship of the mirror shutter to the movement, so that the film is exposed while being transported. Creating vertical streaking effects that can be adjusted from very faint to very strong, and the amount of jitter, a random fluctuation in the strength of the effect, can also be set to various degrees.

 ARRI Hand Crank HC-1

The Hand Crank HC-1 offers run-speed control of an ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme camera via hand-wheel. This feature enables film shooting in the style of hand-cranked silent movies combined with convenient advantages of a state-of-the-art motion picture camera.


  • Run forward or reverse (direction set on the camera).
  • 3 different gear ratios: approx. 16 frames, 8 frames or 4 frames per revolution.
  • Gear ratios may be changed during handcrank operation.
  • Ramp speed can be changed in hand crank operation mode (movement has to stand still)
  • Dynamic switching between NORM operation and hand crank (PS/CCU) camera mode during standby

Technical Data

Full Gate 35mm DIN 15501
Ground Glass1.78:1 = 24 x 13,5mm
1.85:1 = 24 x 13mm
2.35:1 = 24 x 10,5mm
ResolutionHD / 2K / 3K / 4K / 6K
Frame rate0.1 - 150 fps
Mirror reflex shutter180° to 11.25° electronically adjustable
Base ISO50 - 500 ASA
Latitude14 Stops
Bit Depth10 bit log
16 bit log
16 bit linear
Recording Format35mm reversal or negative film
Weight body with finder6.5 kg

Kodak Motion Picture Film
Kodak Nederland B.V.
De Kronkels 16/A
3752 LM Bunschoten
+31(0)20 6545257

Fujifilm Motion Picture Film
On the 31st March 2013 Fujifilm made the difficult decision to close its motion picture departments worldwide. Following 22 successful and happy years of working in Fuji’s UK motion picture department, Rachel Baker, responding to requests from filmmakers, set up the independent company Frame24 . Frame24 offers the latest batches of Fuji’s motion picture negative stocks, to filmmakers worldwide.

Haghe Film Digitaal (Lab & Post Production)
Haghe Film Digitaal B.V.
Willem Fenengastraat 39
1096 BM Amsterdam
+31(0)20 5685411

DeJonghe Film Postproduction (Lab & Post Production)
DeJonghe Film Postproduction
Diksmuidekaai 4
8500 Kortrijk
+32(0)56 350710

The organizes training courses and workshops for anyone who’s looking for knowledge and skills to work with film camera’s on set.

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